Ushma’s Bamboo Commitment Sparks Change

Ushma, at 35, stands as a formidable figure in Udaypur’s agricultural realm. Juggling the roles of a devoted mother to her son and daughter, she has cultivated crops and a thriving business in the local agriculture scene. Her specialty lies in cultivating vegetables and dragon fruits, a venture that significantly contributes to the local market.

Against the backdrop of Udaypur, Habitat Nepal’s partnership with the local organization Human Rights And Environment Development Center (HuRENDEC) brought about a transformative wave for Ushma. Witnessing the impactful initiatives aimed at uplifting low-income communities, she felt a stirring inspiration to extend her influence beyond agriculture. “I saw an opportunity to make a difference,” Ushma remarks.

Inspired by this, Ushma started a treatment center, creating jobs for people in her community. But her role goes beyond the center. Ushma is crucial in the whole process of getting treated bamboo, which is important for building homes and fulfilling other needs. Ushma says, “Creating the treatment center was just the beginning. It’s about establishing a sustainable cycle for our community.” Collaborating with bamboo traders, managing transportation to the treatment center, and overseeing the sale of treated bamboo, Ushma’s narrative unfolds as a powerful story of empowerment and community development. Ushma’s journey serves as a testament to individual resilience and the transformative impact that can arise when driven by a steadfast commitment to the welfare of the community.

“Habitat Nepal, supported by the Hiti Foundation and working alongside the implementing partner organization Human Rights And Environment Development Center (HuRENDEC), is constructing  80 homes in Udayapur.”

In the picture: Ushma is at her residence discussing her entrepreneurial endeavors

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