Strengthening land rights can offer a solid foundation for financial stability

Established in Nepal in 1997, Habitat for Humanity Nepal has served over 200,000 families in the Eastern and Western regions. Despite housing being a fundamental right, nearly 49% of Nepal’s population resides in sub-standard conditions.

What We Do

One in two Nepalis lives in inadequate housing. We are on a mission to strengthen communities with strategic partnerships for sustainable housing.

Leveraging Government Funds

We have been strategically partnering with the government in Nepal to unlock multiple government housing funds for the poor, marginalized as well as disaster-affected populations.

Financial Inclusion

We partner with local NGOs in Nepal to strengthen the housing microfinance sector and significantly increase access to housing loans to low-income families in rural communities underserved by the existing financial market.

Protecting Women’s Land Right

People in rural areas are often not aware of newly granted property rights. To ensure women’s inheritance rights are protected, all houses built by us include the joint title of both males and females.

Voluntering for Development

Our international and local volunteers work alongside communities on responsible and impactful volunteering initiatives

Climate Smart Construction Technologies

We encourage families to adopt disaster-resilient, environmentally sustainable building materials and technology featured on the Nepal government’s list as being suitable for earthquake and flood-prone areas in the country

Empowering Youth

We provide training to youth and empower them to implement an action plan of their own design to be the change leaders for safe shelter

Our Work

40% of Nepal’s population lives in substandard housing. Driven by the vision that everyone needs a decent place to live, Habitat for Humanity Nepal has been taking innovative approaches to facilitate better access to adequate and affordable housing and to develop more inclusive housing market in Nepal

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