Habitat for Humanity Nepal

Capacity Statement

We provide assistance beyond constructing houses
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Empowering youth

We provide training to youth and empower them to implement an action plan of their own design to be the change leaders for safe shelter.
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Vocational training

Our projects always include vocational training with an emphasis on increasing knowledge and capacity of the communities served in building decent and disaster-resilient houses.
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Leveraging government

We have been strategically partnering with the government in Nepal to unlock multiple government housing funds for the poor, marginalized as well as disaster-affected populations.
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We partner with local NGOs in Nepal to strengthen the housing microfinance sector and significantly increase access to housing loans to low-income families in rural communities underserved by the existing financial market.
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Eco materials

We encourage families to adopt environmentally sustainable building materials and technology through our home construction.
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Adaptable designs

Our disaster-resilient home designs are featured on the Nepal government’s list as being suitable for earthquake and flood-prone areas in Nepal.

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