Safe home better health


It’s no secret that COVID-19 has profoundly impacted all of us. One of the top challenges for Habitat for Humanity Nepal has been operating on a shoestring budget.
To improve housing conditions for an ever-growing number of low-income families, we used innovative, affordable building materials like bamboo to build sustainable houses — we concerted efforts to connect personally with the Government of Nepal to forge strategic collaboration to enhance operations.
In the past year itself, we have managed to build a total of 547 homes. Our revised strategy to leverage at least 50% funds per house from the Government has resulted in four times more funds leveraged than in 2020. A total of 16 million leveraged from the Government.
It is astonishing that despite COVID-19, we have managed to serve 29,947 families to build houses through microfinance loans. The COVID-19 lockdown, in which the Government has requested citizens to stay indoors to stop the spread, has truly highlighted the importance of a safe home; a space with ample space for family members to self-isolate and maintain a safe distance. COVID-19 highlights how a safe home truly can lead to better health.