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As communities start to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, let's work together to change the global narrative from a feeling of helplessness to hope.
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1 out of 2 people in Nepal is already living without adequate shelter and the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to turn a crisis into a catastrophe. Not just a housing catastrophe — but a public health catastrophe and an economic catastrophe, too.

We need your help to prevent millions of people from falling into substandard living conditions.

Our Homes, Communities, Hope + You global campaign is anchored by four areas

Healthy homes
We’re improving housing conditions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on vulnerable and disaster-prone communities. We also will also raise awareness of how COVID-19 spreads among construction laborers and other essential workers.
Access to secure shelter
We will partner with families who need secure decent housing and support families by constructing safe housing for the most vulnerable in Nepal, including those families who need to separate infected family members from non-infected ones to reduce transmission of the virus.
Housing market and economic recovery
Exports, tourism and remittances have all plummeted in Nepal, while access to financial markets is limited in rural areas. Using our deep expertise we will ensure families have access to the materials, financial services and construction labor needed for safer and healthier housing.
Advocacy for adequate, affordable housing
It’s challenging for people without a secure place to call home to self-quarantine or wash hands regularly. We will continue to partner with governments of all levels to protect housing as the first line of defense against COVID-19 and as an essential part of any economic recovery.
My family became jobless after the announcement of lockdown. We thought the lockdown would only be for a few days, but it extended every week, and we started running out of food. Habitat for Humanity Nepal continued to build our house and also gave us food and necessities. We are grateful our home construction is complete.
Maiya Pariyar
Saptari District

Help build homes, communities and hope

We are needed now more than ever, and — now more than ever — we need you.
Your donation, in this moment of global crisis, will help make sure that everyone has a chance at a brighter future.
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