Our time in the field gives us a personal view on what it's like for homeowners to feel strength and stability day after day. Because you and me, we're all humans. And every single one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future.

Embracing Nature’s Resilience: Cultivating a Thriving Bamboo Ecosystem in Nepal

Embracing Nature’s Resilience: Cultivating a Thriving Bamboo Ecosystem in Nepal Introduction: A transformative journey in bamboo sheltering began Amidst Nepal’s majestic landscapes, a transformative journey unfolded when Habitat for Humanity

Rising from the Rubble

Rising from the Rubble After the powerful earthquake hit Jajarkot on November 3rd, 2023, Dhana Maya (40) faced various challenges. The earthquake destroyed her home and exposed her family to

A Resilient Grandmother’s Desire

A Resilient Grandmother’s Desire In the picture, Ram Laxmi beams from inside her thatched-roof home. Ram Laxmi, a resilient and devoted grandmother from Udaypur, spends her days caring for her

Ushma’s Bamboo Commitment Sparks Change

Ushma’s Bamboo Commitment Sparks Change Ushma, at 35, stands as a formidable figure in Udaypur’s agricultural realm. Juggling the roles of a devoted mother to her son and daughter, she

Struggle for Freedom

After a lifetime of struggles, Radhika and Kalu finally have a place

Making a way through COVID times

Despite the hurdles of extended lockdowns and health-related setbacks

Small loans, big dreams

Now, I am contributing as much as my husband. The money we earned

A business Start-up!

After owning my own house, life has become much easier. It has allowed me to start

Family Bonds

Now, I earn enough to keep my family happy and I never worry for tomorrow

Fresh Blessings

My family and I had never imagined that we would have something to call our own

Weathering the seasons

Mr. Garamlal has lost count how many times he has stayed up all night

Firm Foundations

Married at 13 years old, Khadga had thought her future was secured, devoting

Together we change lives

While we assume that slavery is a thing of the past, it was only in 2008 that

Youth in Charge

From walking on air to crashing to the ground, 28-years old, Nita, experienced

Four years in one room shack

What Rita didn’t know was this was going to be home for the next four

Making families resilient in Nepal

In our new house, we no longer have to fear snakes getting through

Powered by Dreams

When you dream, it becomes a reality, and safe shelter creates the dream

Looking forward to her first Dashain

I felt I was a stranger in my own house. Though they never said anything

Rising from the shackles of poverty

I slaved for long hours, working on the farms of my families’ landlord