every woman

should have equal property rights.

every woman

should have equal property rights.

Nepal’s biased inheritance practices result in severe economic inequalities

If a woman leaves her husband, divorces or is widowed, partition practices provide limited economic support to women. Because she has been married, she has forfeited her right to parental properties. Faced with economic dependence and severe social stigma, many women are forced to stay in abusive relationships.

To protect married women
from being pushed off their marital property,
we are taking series of steps.
Advocating with federal and local governments to ensure that this regulation is included in policies governing government-subsidized housing projects, such as the ones being carried out with Habitat Nepal.
Registering Land Titles
Researching and defining the appropriate steps for registering properties in women’s names according to the status of existing land ownership (e.g. legal title, customary title, communal lands, etc.).
Engaging Local Partners
Engaging Habitat Nepal’s local partners (NGOs and community associations) to build awareness and gain their support in promoting these strategies.